Safety & Sanitation

Safety and Sanitation

We ensure client safety by practicing intensive sanitation and disinfection procedures.  Work stations, equipment, and implements are cleaned and properly disinfected between clients with hospital-grade solutions to remove debris, kill bacteria, and prevent the spread of germs.  In the pedicure area 10 minutes is required for disinfection solutions to eliminate any viruses, fungi and bacteria. It is important for you to arrive on time for your nail service so that you can experience its full benefit. If you are late, or you have particularly troublesome nails/feet that need extra attention, some portions of your service, such as the massage, may be shortened so that our we can perform safe disinfection routines between clients and remain on schedule.

Shaving and Waxing

For your safety do not wax or shave your legs or feet 24 hours prior to a pedicure.

No Razors

The use of a razor (called a "Credo" blade) to remove calluses is against Indiana state regulations. The razor blades themselves are never sterile, so when injuries happen, and they do, there is an increase in the chance of infection. The foot files we use for effective callus reduction are made out of Surgical Stainless Steel, are safe, and have no sharp or cutting edges. They are sanitized and disinfected after each client.

Cuticle Removal

It is against Indiana state regulations to cut or nip living tissue. The eponychium and the cuticle are often confused. The eponychium is the end of the proximal fold that is located at the base of the natural nail and is living tissue. The cuticle is the dead layer of skin that the eponychium sheds onto the nail plate, which can be safely and gently removed. It is okay to gently push back the eponychium, but cutting or nipping living tissue should always be avoided because there is serious risk of nail infection.