This site is designed to be a resource as you become more comfortable with Parli- pro. Feel free to browse through it in preparation for upcoming conferences!

You can find the application to be the Parliamentarian for a GLACURH conference on the GLACURH website when a conference nears. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email gl_director@nacurh.org!

Peace. Love. Polar Bears!

The Basics

What is Parli-Pro?
Parli-pro, or Parliamentary Procedure, is a set of rules used to govern official business meetings. The rules of Parli-pro allow everyone to voice their opinions in meetings while also serving to minimize confusion.

Why do we use Parli-Pro?
GLACURH uses Parli-pro for several reasons. First, it ensures fairness in all boardroom proceedings. It also makes meetings more efficient, increasing the amount that the organization is able to accomplish within the time that we have in boardroom. Parli-pro provides a framework to ensure that everyone has an equal voice within GLACURH and is able to represent their school to the best of their ability.

Why should I learn Parli-Pro?
Since GLACURH uses it in all of its business meetings, having a working knowledge of Parli-pro will help you be more confident and able to participate more fully in boardroom.  Don't worry if you have trouble learning it on your own- we'll go over it in boardroom and make sure everyone is comfortable with the basics before we get started!