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  2. Then type in the Message section: subscribe NACEE
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  4. If you have an automatic signature file, YOU MUST TURN IT OFF. The only thing in the message body should be "subscribe NACEE" (with no quotes).
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For more information or questions about NACEE, please contact us:

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PO Box 85344
Lincoln, NE 68501

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Past President: Harry Heafer, Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department
(402) 441-8032

Treasurer: Andrea Faas, Pioneers Park Nature Center
(402) 441-8708 |

Recording Secretary: Lindsay Rogers, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
(402) 471-5581 |

At-Large Members:

Kathy Kropuenske, Keep Scottsbluff-Gering Beautiful
(308) 632-4649

Jennifer Swerczek, Nebraska Public Power District
(402) 336-2701 |

Bernice Jones, Nebraska Wesleyan University
(402) 465-2364 |

Dave Peters, Lincoln Public Schools