Welcome to NACEE!

NACEE is a coalition of Nebraska organizations and individuals with an interest in conservation and environment education.

Our Mission: To facilitate and promote conservation and environment education for all Nebraska.
Our Vision: To foster an environmentally literate citizenry in Nebraska and serve as a leader in conservation and environment education.

  • Nebraska Environmental Literacy Plan Complete
    Over the past 12 months, NACEE has coordinated stakeholder meetings across the state of Nebraska to create a comprehensive Environmental Literacy Plan for the State of Nebraska. Through these input sessions, feedback from more than 110 individuals representing: classroom educators; nature centers; government agencies; non profits; environmental, conservation and agricultural organizations was obtained. 

    On August 11, 2010, the Nebraska Environmental Literacy Plan was presented to the Nebraska Board of Education. The plan was well received by the Commissioners. As we look forward to dedicated environmental education funding from the No Child Left Inside Legislation, NACEE will continue to build support for the Nebraska Environmental Literacy Plan.

    What is the Purpose of an ELP?

    The purpose of the Nebraska Environmental Literacy Plan is to develop a comprehensive strategy, linked with state educational standards and curricula, to ensure that Nebraska’s children have the opportunity to connect with nature and grow to become informed and responsible stewards of the environment. States with certified environmental literacy plans will be eligible for federal funding to support outdoor learning activities and environmental education.
    Posted Jan 2, 2013, 5:45 PM by Lower Platte North NRD
  • NACEE Receives Grant to Create Searchable Database of EE Resources, Opportunities, and Events
    In March 2010, NACEE received a grant from the Nebraska Academy of Sciences to create a comprehensive online database of environmental education resources, events, opportunities, workshops, and festivals which occur throughout the state.
    NACEE will be working with the Nebraska Master Naturalist Program, who also sought to create a database, to develop the database. Look for the searchable database to be up and running in summer 2011.
    Posted Jan 2, 2013, 5:45 PM by Lower Platte North NRD
  • Excellence in Environmental Education Guidelines
    In early August 2008, the NACEE board voted to adopt the national Excellence in Environmental Education Guidelines for Learning. These guidelines, established by the North American Association for Environmental Education, provide students, parents, educators, policy makers, and the public a set of common, voluntary guidelines for environmental education. The guidelines support state and local environmental education efforts by:
    • Setting expectations for performance and achievement in fourth, eighth, and twelfth grades;
    • Suggesting a framework for effective and comprehensive environmental education programs and curricula;
    • Demonstrating how environmental education can be used to meet standards set by the traditional disciplines and to give students opportunities to synthesize knowledge and experience across disciplines; and
    • Defining the aims of environmental education.
    To view the Guidelines, visit http://www.naaee.org/programs-and-initiatives/guidelines-for-excellence/
    Posted Jan 2, 2013, 5:45 PM by Lower Platte North NRD
    Nebraska Alliance for Conservation and Environment Education is the Nebraska state affiliate for the North American Association for Environmental Education. NAAEE is the professional association for environmental education. NAAEE members promote professional excellence in non-formal organizations, K-12 classrooms, universities (both instructors and students), government agencies, and corporate settings throughout North America and in over 55 other countries. While NAAEE strives to promote environmental education across the country, NACEE strives to promote environment education across Nebraska. Visit the NAAEE website here.
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  • Nebraska Environmental Education Master Plan
    In 2005, Nebraska’s conservation and education community completed the state’s first Environmental Education MasterPlan – a historic achievement. The Master Plan was developed from input received from over 185 Nebraskans who attended more than a dozen public input meetings, participated in personal interviews, and completed surveys. The planning process spanned nearly four years and was coordinated by the Nebraska Alliance of Conservation and Environment Education (NACEE). The resulting Master Plan provides a visionary and far-reaching blueprint for Nebraska that can be used by organizations, agencies, policy makers, and the public to better focus and coordinate environmental education efforts.

    Posted Jan 2, 2013, 5:59 PM by Lower Platte North NRD
  • Environmental Literacy Survey
    The Nebraska Conservation and Environment Literacy and Awareness Survey has been released and is now available for download in PDF format. The survey was conducted by the Bureau of Sociological Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and funded through the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission's Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Program.

    Both the complete Literacy Survey and the Executive Summary (a 4-page overview of the survey results) are available for download. A comparison of the survey results to national surveys is also available. Get them here.
    Posted Jan 2, 2013, 5:43 PM by Lower Platte North NRD
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