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Course Descriptions

The agriculture department features a number of different vocational courses students can take while in high school after they have completed Introduction to Agriculture as a freshmen or sophomore. Below are a list of the course titles, a brief description and grade level suggested.

Introduction to Agriculture Industry - Basic agriculture principles, topics and areas in the agriculture industry are discovered as well as record keeping, parliamentary procedure, leadership and communication skills. This is a freshmen/sophomore level course.
Basic Agriscience - Science principles are taught through agriculture topics such as soils, crops, plants, animals and electricity. This class offers a science credit for completion. This is a sophomore/junior level course.
Basic Ag Mechanics - Basic principles and applications of agriculture mechanics are introduced such as safety, surveying, welding, construction, wood shop, electricity and small engines. This is a sophomore/junior level course.
Ag Mechanics & Technology - This is an advanced course for students who have successfully completed basic ag mechanics. This course focuses on further development in technology (GPS and GIS), advanced metal working, advanced wood working, advanced ag construction and electricity. This course is a junior/senior level course.
Horticulture Production and Management - This is an advanced horticulture course focusing on landscaping, greenhouse production, floriculture, floral design, hydroponics and ornamental horticulture. This is a junior/senior level course.
Agribusiness - This course is a fundamental agriculture application course focusing on basic mathematics and economics of the agricultural industry. Topics of focus are technology, record keeping, developing a business, ag communications, ag policy, calculating interest, insurance, taxes and more! This is a senior level course and a student can earn their consumer education credit for graduation requirements.

Required Text and Materials

Each student is required to have a 3-ring binder with paper, blue/black pen or pencil, assigned record book and assigned textbook.