• Build a closed loop Artificial Pancreas System that gets data and sends commands via Bluetooth
  • Project Intro


  • Pump: Roche Accu-Chek Spirit Combo
  • CGM: Dexcom G4 Sensor + Hacked G4 Transmitter + xDrip
  • Central Control: Android Phone with Bluetooth + Software based on OpenAPS Reference Design

Phases & Progress Summary

  1. CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)
    • Hack dead G4 Transmitter and replaces batteries
    • Build xDrip system
      • Progress: COMPLETED
    • Setup xDrip Android App with NightScout
  2. Pump Control
    • Connect Android > Meter via Bluetooth log commands
      • Progress: Sniffing BT traffic to understand how to connect to meter
    • Build Android App that can send sniffed commands to Pump
      • Progress: Not started
  3. Artificial Pancreas App
    • Build JS library for sending and reading data to Pump
      • Progress: Not started
    • Add OpenAPS logic
      • Progress: COMPLETED
    • Add Bolus Wizard
      • Progress: COMPLETED
    • COB, IOB, BG Visualisations
      • Progress: COMPLETED
    • Log Treatments
      • Progress: COMPLETED
    • Add IOB and COB deterioration
      • Progress: COMPLETED