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Go Jaguars!!!

        Welcome to 6th Grade with Mrs.Valadez                                     








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Welcome to Sixth grade!

Sixth grade is a transition year. While making the move to middle school, many parents will give you more independence. Teachers will also begin to expect you to take more responsibility for your own work. This is the time to build good habits that will lead to success in high school and beyond.


Instructional Goals

By the end of sixth grade, you will develop an awareness and appreciation for reading and writing both within the classroom and in everyday experiences.  You will be more organized and better prepared for class. You will clearly understand expectations and standards for your work and behavior. You will develop a sense of responsibility for your own actions and learning.


General Rules and Expectations 

R espect the rights and property of others (keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself)

E ating/gum chewing and drinks are not allowed in class

S wift silence at the signal

P ut downs, swearing and rude gestures are prohibited

E arnest effort to listen ensures success

C ome on time with materials and homework everyday

T alk when called upon or when working in groups


Contact Information

Parent and student appointments can be made to meet with me regarding progress and any personal issues.  You may call the school office and leave a message.  Many times I have meetings before school, during breaks and after school. If you would like to meet with me in person, please call to set up a time that is convenient.  When an appointment is made I will be better prepared for the meeting. You can also reach me through email.


(818) 896-7461 ext. 7869