Algebra 1 and Algebra Readiness
Here is a link to previous years CST questions.  These questions will help you prepare for the state testing in May
Algebra 1 text book
Here is the link to the text book online.  Click the link and put in the web code.  This web site can help with homework.


        Math Department Grading Scale-

  93- 100% = A     87-89% = B+     77-79% = C+      67-69% = D+   

   90-92% = A-        83-86% = B       73-76% = C         63-66% = D

                          80-82% = B-      70-72% = C-       60-62% = D- 

59% > F

            Your grades will be weighted using the following scale: 

50%  Tests:  Benchmarks, Chapter/Unit Exams, and Final Exams

20%  Quizzes:  No more than 2 per chapter/unit 

10%  Class work/Participation:  Warm-ups, class handouts, notes, discussions, etc…

10%  Homework:  Is checked for completion or the attempt made to do problems, must show work to receive credit.  Homework is collected in packet form.

10%   Projects:  This will usually be a culminating task after every unit or can be done as a wrap up before each grading period ends or semester.