Hello and welcome to my home page!! My name is Ms. LaMotte and I am currently teaching Pre-Algebra (7th grade) and Algebra 1 (8th grade) for the 2012-2013 school year.  My web page is full of tons of important info related to the class you are taking, here is how to navigate through my web site:

Course Syllabus: is an electronic version to the course syllabus that both parents and students signed at the beginning of the school year that goes over the class expectations, procedures, rules, materials needed, consequences, etc.

8th Grade/7th Grade:  these links provides the homework for students if they were absent from class or if they forgot to wrtie it down.
Resources: this is a great place to find information needed for these classes, for instance the textbook website and the California Standards.  This page also has necessary materials students may need for their Digital Portfolios, for instance the Arifact Map template as well as pictures of their projects.

Homework: please go to  homeworkatmit.blogspot.com for updated homwork assignments