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The Center for the Study of Complementary and Alternative Medicines will seek to provide scientific evidence to support a more holistic approach to healing and establish mechanisms for community outreach.

    Investigating the science of unconventional     healing methods

Our Islands...Our Health

UVI CCAMs Featured VI Plant Profile

(Annona muricata)

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Community Outreach & Highlights

UVI CCAM Presents Preliminary Research Findings
at the UVI Summer Science Symposium

Eleven UVI-CCAM junior researchers and 3 additional students presented CCAM posters at the 9th annual Summer Science Research Symposium (7/29/11) hosted by the University of the Virgin Islands. This symposium provides students with the opportunity to inform the UVI and local community about ongoing UVI research projects. UVI-CCAM and over 35 other different programs, such as the SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience), SSRI (Summer Sophomore Research Institute), and the Summer Bridge to Calculus programs participated in the event.

See photos and abstracts from posters presented by the 3 CCAM teams at the symposium:

UVI CCAM Exhibits Information and Collects Surveys at Community Events:
100's of attendees came to the UVI Health & Wellness Fair coordinated by UVI's resident nurse and CCAM co-researcher, Rhonda Hatchett, and 100's were attracted to the two annual VI agricultural fairs sponsored by UVI Cooperative Extension Service, also part of the CCAM project. these popular events gave UVI-CCAM great opportunities to begin interacting with the community, sharing information and collecting surveys about what medicinal plants or alternative treatments residents use. Over 100 surveys were completed to assist the CCAM Nursing Team in their pilot study. The collected data will help them to perfect their survey instruments and enable the CCAM project to develop accurate and comprehensive research and outreach strategies.