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Novice Committees

Policy papers should be submitted to the Novice Director General by November 1st. To submit your paper, email In the subject line of the email include your committee and country. (Ex. "4th SPD A - United States")

Any questions regarding topics or procedure in specific committees should be directed towards chairs. Individual chair contact information can be found below.

Please click the topic link to find the topic synopsis. Score sheets will be available for each committee two weeks after the conference ends. 
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CommitteeTopic 1ContactScore Sheet
CommitteeTopic 1ContactScore Sheet
4th SPD A Peacekeeping Operations in Africa SCORES 
4th SPD B Peacekeeping Operations in Africa SCORES 
6th Legal A Capital Punishment SCORES 
6th Legal B Capital Punishment SCORES 
Intermediate Security Council (Dual Delegate) Situation in Guinea Bissau SCORES 
Novice Security Council (Dual Delegate) Situation in Democratic People's Republic of Korea SCORES 
UNCSW A Education for Women SCORES 
UNCSW B Education for Women SCORES 
UNDP A Sustainable Agriculture SCORES 
UNDP B Sustainable Agriculture SCORES 
UNEP A Climate Change SCORES 
UNEP B Climate Change SCORES 
UNICEF A Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse SCORES 
UNICEF B Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse SCORES 
UNODC A Human Trafficking SCORES 
UNODC B Humna Trafficking SCORES 
Showing 18 items