Students and parents can refer to this section on a daily basis to confirm homework assignments or catch up on those that were missed. This section can be a very useful tool when a student is ill or away from school.

APRIL 17th, 2018
- Lenten Campaign items can be brought in until Thursday, April 18th.
- Stations of the Cross on Thursday, April 18th at 1:30pm.
- "Chat With a Senior" is Thursday, May 2nd at Notre Dame (9:00am).
- HNHS Shadow Day is Thursday, May 23rd.

- Parent Guide: Choosing the Correct Course Stream for High School: click here

Unit 7 - Fractions & Percent
- Fractions Quiz to be signed & returned by Thursday, April 18th.
- Fractions & Percent Test on Thursday, April 18th.

MathAntics - What Are Percentages?

- Word Choice: Week 3/Day 1 due Tuesday, April 16th.
- Writing Rubric posted in Google Classroom to assist in your Revision/Editing process.
- "My Rant" doc to be ready for publishing on Thursday, April 18th.
- TKN - Public Board Trustees article is due Monday, April 22nd.

Sebastian Maniscalco - "Taking A Lonely"

- Chapter 5 "Cells in the Environment" glossary of terms assignment due Thursday, April 11th.
- Introductory video for Chpt. 5 has been upload in our Google Classroom.

- Moral questions due Thursday, April 18th (see below).
1. How are a person's morals revealed to the world? How do we know another person's morals?
2. Can / do a person's morals change?
3. Who / what has shaped your own morals?

- Review the note on Land Reclamation.
- Land Reclamation video has been posted in our Google Classroom.