Greetings from the Global Students - Global Perspectives Team! We are excited that you have found our site and hope that everything you need to learn about the philosophy, timing and implementation of our projects is clear. We run various global collaboration projects each year and have found them to be revolutionary in the way our students learn. If you are interested in having your students collaborate on global issues with students from around the world, please dive into these pages and let us know if you have any questions. We'd love to have you join us!

Global Students Global Perspectives

Parent Testimonials

"This project is excellent.  Children collaborate with each other and try to learn more.    Also this project is also helping to bring children form different country different society and discuss the issues.  ~ Sujit Biswas

"I think this was a great experience for my daughter.  She has never done anything like this before where you work with people from another country.  She really seemed interested in it and happy to be a part of it.  I think she really enjoyed it and would be glad if she could do it again.  ~ Hiroko Kawahara

Student Testimonials

“The Five Most Pressing Problems project was my favourite project this year.  I liked working in groups with students around the world and getting to talk about real life problems.  I learned a lot from my partners by talking about which problems we thought were the most important. To help my group in ranking the issues, I created a survey that was completed through multiple forms of social media.  I received responses from over 600 people in over 20 countries.  I think that I'm more aware of global issues now that I have learned so much from the project”.  ~ Carly Jacobs

* Read more about Carly’s survey in this article featured in her local newspaper , The Windsor Star.