Mrs. Kenny's 6th Grade Class

Welcome to 6th grade...
I'm so happy to be joining the St. Theresa School family again this year.  Several years ago, I attended St. Theresa's eighth grade graduation ceremony.  I attended because one of my former students from St. Agnes School was now graduating from  St. Theresa School.  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful.  I said to myself, "What a lovely school!"  I had no idea I'd be joining this terrific school family just a few years later. As I begin my second year here, I look forward to so many exciting happenings.  I am anxious to work with this year's sixth grade class because they are a group of very eager learners.  This was very obvious to me while I worked with them in Literature class last year.  I am confident we will accomplish so much together.

I will instruct Grade 6 in the following subject areas:
Social Studies
Language Arts

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