About Me

A biography:
Hello, My name is Ms. Carole Prymuszewski, I'm a fine art and history teacher at St. Theresa's School in Kenilworth, N.J. I graduated from Bloomfield College with a Fine and Performing Ar ts Degree (BA). I moved to Rochester, New York and taught at three Catholic Schools there for 15 years.  I moved back to New Jersey so I could be close to my two grand daughters ages 4 and 5. I'm a member of the New York State Art Teacher's Association and was a member of the Greece Choral Society while in  New York. I recently joined AENJ Art Education of New Jersey and a member of the Elks Club in Springfield, New Jersey.

This is my second year teaching at St.Theresa's School. The students will start their self-portraits in the beginning of school. They will learn to draw different art projects through the year. They will also be viewing Famous Artist videos, on the life and works of these artists.

This year I will also be the Music Teacher. The students will learn Music Appreciation.They will be learning about different composers and their music. Leaning about the Key Elements: Pitch, Rhythm, Dynamics, Timbre, and Form. Also Key Composer such as W.A. Mozart (Classical Period). The students will be listening to different pieces of music. Hand-outs will be given to help them with the short quizzes they will be tested on.