WEB: Where Everybody Belongs

2018 - 2019 WEB Leaders

First of all, we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all 7th graders that applied to be a part of the WEB program. We are grateful for the many, many students here at East that shine as positive leaders and make our school and community a better place. The WEB program has had a positive impact on our school climate and has made the transition to middle school much smoother for our 5th graders. We are proud of what our leaders accomplish each year, but the one downside is that only so many students can be a part of the program, depending on our 5th grade class size and need. This is tough. We want everyone who applied to know, that if you do not see your name on this list below, that does not speak to your ability to lead and serve within our school. We hope you will find other ways to get involved and lead positively - in classes, in KORT, on sports teams, or in after school clubs. We KNOW that you can and will shine brightly wherever you choose to!

What is WEB?

WEB is an amazing leadership program for our 8th grade students at STMA Middle School East. WEB leaders participate in a variety of activities with 5th grade students to ensure they feel welcome and excited to be a part of Middle School East.
WEB stands for, "Where Everybody Belongs" and our group of WEB leaders has done an outstanding job this year making sure that all students feel that sense of belonging.

WEB is a program for leaders. It is for students that want to make school the best possible environment for every single student. WEB leaders set the tone for the 8th grade and for the entire school. 


What do WEB leaders do?

  • Orientation for 5th grade students
  • Helping 5th grade students through the first days of school
  • Teaching lessons in 5th grade classrooms
  • Assisting parents and students at walk through and open house
  • Monthly morning meetings with the 5th graders during KORT
  • Whooping it up with the 5th and 6th graders at Activity Night
  • Planning fun after school social events for 5th graders
  • Serving as tour guides in the spring to incoming 5th graders
  • Serving in and around our community
  • Positive leaders and role models in our school!