Mission Statement
The mission of the St. Michael-Albertville Technology Department is to provide a positive environment and deliver the highest level of customer service, communication and resolve issues in a timely manner.
This will be accomplished as the Technology Department will:
  • Be a helpful, supportive team with a positive, respectful, professional attitude
  • Continually enhance ourselves as self-directed learners as technology changes
  • Teach and learn from one another
  • Strive to give 110% while being flexible and thinking outside the box

General Information:
  • Open Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 3:00 pm
  • Help Desk phone (x4357) is closed 12-12:30 pm Monday – Friday (Voicemail is available on x4357)
  • When you have a technology issue, we ask that you first check with the Media Specialist and/or the Media Para in your building to assist you
    • If the Media Specialist and/or Media Para are unable to assist, you may either call the Help Desk (x4357) or enter a Help Desk Ticket
  • If you leave a Voicemail on the Help Desk (x4357), your message will be addressed in the order in which it was received
  • If you submit a Help Desk Ticket you will receive an email response immediately letting you know it's now in our main queue
  • If the recipient of your call is unable to assist you with the issue at hand, a Help Desk ticket will be created for a Technology Support Specialist to assist you

After Ticket Creation:
  • Once your ticket is created, it will be assigned to the Tech Support Specialist for your building or to the person that would be responsible for addressing the issue
  • It will be prioritized within their work queue
  • Once they have your ticket assigned to them, you will receive an acknowledgment from that person within a 24 hour period via phone or email
  • The Technology Support Specialists have assigned days for each of the buildings. It is important to know that even if you are aware of the day the Specialist is assigned to your building, do not “hold on to” requests until they get to your building. We ask that you call (x4357) or create a Help Desk Ticket with your request(s) to have them assigned so the Tech Support Specialist can be more prepared to resolve the issue(s)
  • Please be aware that there may be times that the Tech Support Specialist will not be able to get to your building on the assigned day due to emergency issues (i.e. lightning strikes, network issues, server shutdowns, special projects, etc.) 
  • Remember, no question is stupid! We are here to help!