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Upcoming Events
 *AP -Albertville Primary *VC -Varsity Comp *VS -Varsity Sideline *MC -Middle School Comp *EC -Elementary Comp *MSE/W -Middle School East/West              *HS - High School
March 30th, 2015Cheerleading Informational Meeting @ MSW Lecture Hall 6-7PM
 April 13th, 2015
Middle School Clinic  6-7:30PM @ Albertville Primary Gym
JV and Varsity(Comp/Sideline) Clinic 7:30-9PM @ Albertville Primary Gym
 April 15th, 2015JV and Varsity (Comp/Sideline) Clinic 4-6PM @ MSW Wrestling Room
April 16th, 2015
Middle School Clinic  6-7:30PM @ MSW Gym
JV and Varsity (Comp/Sideline) Clinic  7:30-9PM @ MSW Gym
April 17th, 2015Tryouts for All Teams 4PM - 7PM @ MSW Gym (Sign-ups will occur)
 April 27th, 2015Mandatory Cheerleader and Parent Meeting for Varsity Sideline, Varsity Comp, and JV Comp
MSW Media Center 6-8:30PM 
May 5th, 2015

Mandatory Cheerleader and Parent Meeting for Middle School Comp
MSW Media Center 6-8 PM