Reading Strategies

The following strategies are activities that you can do with your child at home to help with reading difficulties.  Click on the links below for directions and a video tutorial  to see an example of how the strategy can be used.


Decoding - These are helps you can give your child rather than just telling him the word.

Spot & Dot - This is an intermediate level strategy to help children sound out big words. 

Sight Words/High Frequency Words - This is a strategy to help children read those common words that are found often in text.

Think Aloud - This is an activity you can do to help with comprehension.  You will demonstrate how a good reader "thinks" while he reads.

Partner Reading - This is a repeated reading activity a child can do with a good reader using a timer to help improve fluency

I Read...You Read - This is a back-and-forth reading activity that will help with fluency.

Comprehension Bookmark - Print this bookmark for reminders of what to ask your child about as you read together to see if he/she is understanding the text.
ROAR - Repeated Oral Assisted Reading is a strategy developed by Dr. Jane Anderson that can be done to increase fluency, accuracy, and comprehension for students who are below grade level in these areas. If you have not been trained in ROAR but you are interested in using this strategy at home, please contact Amy Zeidler @ 763-497-8025 x6328. We recommend that anyone using the ROAR strategy be trained by our professional staff beforehand.