Ms. Novak

Welcome to Ms. Novak's 4th Grade Website
    My goal for this site is to provide information that you will need to help your child succeed.  I am excited to have your child in my class, and hope by working together we will offer  the education your child deserves. The links on the left will provide information regarding your child's classroom curriculum.  
Ms. Novak
Excellence is our tradition

SCHEDULE:                             Lunch and Recess
DAY 1  PHY-ED & MEDIA               Recess from 12:00-12:20
DAY 3  PHY-ED                            
Lunch is from 12:20-12:35 ** If you plan on joining your son or
DAY 4  MUSIC                               daughter for lunch please notify the office

DAY 5  PHY-ED                                                     
DAY 6   ART                                 The Lunch menu can be found under *STMA's main page: