Meet your Representatives

5th Grade Reps:
TBD - Elections will be held in the fall to welcome our 5th Grade Reps!

6th Grade Reps:
Elise Neilson
Lily VanHeel
Gage Kloster
Blake Underwood
Claire Kvant
Ann Weigle
Cecilia Lewis
Regan Anderson

7th Grade Reps:
Avery Sherk
Emmitt Peterson
Reid Peterson
Gabi Delgado
Elise Linneman
Q Dikowitz
Brett Schmoyer
Breanna Immer

8th Grade Reps:
Taylor Jeffery
Jarrett Faue
Abby Carroll
Avery O'Rourke
JayLynn Robeck
Cole Tauber
Laylani Thongsauanh
Olivia Reggin