District Goals and Vision

The mission of District 885 is to provide a safe educational environment where students are encouraged to develop lifelong learning skills, which nurture positive attitudes and self worth.  This will be accomplished when all graduates function as:

        Who set goals
        Who develop and manage a process for achieving those goals
        Who think critically and creatively
        Who use inquiry and problem solving skills
        Who read, write and speak English fluently
        Who work well independently and in groups
        Who use the tools of technology to access, process and communicate information
        Who show respect for themselves and others

By 2012, Independent School District 885 will consistently rank academically in the top 25% of public school districts in Minnesota. The district also remains committed to maintaining a sound fiscal condition and employing the productive use of taxpayer resources.

    Strategic Direction A: Shift from knowing diversity numbers, to engaging in diverse culture skills and change.
    Strategic Direction B: Shift communication to engagement and involvement.
    Strategic Direction C: Develop a focused system for teaching and learning.
    Strategic Direction D: Develop alternative funding and increase current funding.
    Strategic Direction E: Increase performance in academics.

Character Counts Pillars
This district·wide initiative provides a framework for creating a positive learning community.

Trustworthiness combines four principles: integrity, honesty, promise keeping, and loyalty
Respect means treating all others with dignity and honor.
Responsibility is being accountable for choices, showing self-control, having good work habits, and following through with commitments.
Fairness means that our school will be a place of equality and justice.
Caring means concern for others, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, and tolerance.
Citizenship means the duties, rights, conduct and responsibilities of all members of a group.