Rules, Policies, and Guidelines

(The following policy is compliments of Scott Bauer's website.  Please adjust as you see fit)
Students will be graded using the following grading scale:
    100-94       A
      93-90       A-
      89-87       B+
      86-83       B
      82-80       B-
      79-77       C+
      76-73       C
      72-70       C-
      69-67       D+
      66-63       D
      62-60       D-
      59 below  F
60% of their grade will be based on homework and daily work.
40% of their grade will come from projects, quizzes, and tests.
Homework will be assigned on a need basis.  It is expected to be done on time.
Academic progress can be monitored by going to your School View website.