Skeletal Unit

Use this page to help you during the Cells, Skin, and Skeletal System Unit.
Topics we will cover during this unit include:
    1. Types of Cells in the Body
    2. Bones of the Body
    3. Parts of the Bones
    4. Types of Bones in the Body
    5. Cell Parts
    6. Parts of the Skin
    7. Parts of an Animal Cell
    8. We get to look at a real cow femur to see all of the parts
The links below will help you with your Project Activities. And, there are some neat websites that will help you to learn more about class topics! Project Activities for this unit are also in a pdf document below, as well as all of the worksheets that we will be doing in class.
We are also very lucky to have Dr. Stacy Boone from Boone Family Chiropractic and Wellness of Big Lake come to visit our class during this unit to talk about keeping your skeletal system and muscular system healthy, as well as describe what a chiropractor does. Dr. Stacy's powerpoint, as well as a word search that we do in class, is also posted below.
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Website InformationPurpose of LinkLink
Website InformationPurpose of LinkLink
Cell 3-D Model Ideas Use this site to help you create your 3-D Cell Model! 
Animal Cell  This will help you learn the parts of an animal cell! 
Hand Washing Procedure  Use this site to help you learn more about the hand washing procedure! 
Dust Mite Video Check out the creepy, crawly things living in your bed! 
Joints and Bones Learn more about your bones and joints! 
Virtual Cell Tour WOW! Cool Link!! 
Skin Website  Use this website to research skin for your project activity! 
Puzzlemaker  Use this site to create crosswords or word searches for project activities! 
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