Online Resources

Useful links for Responsive Hour assignments and activities:

"TED talks" - browse from thousands of short videos (or "talks") from all sorts of topics from all over the world.  Spread ideas!

Mentos Madness:
Steve Spangler's website for Mentos research information.
Mythbusters take on Diet Coke and Mentos.
Link for the group power point presentation - can be shared with the group!  Just make sure you share it with Mrs. J!

NASA Space Missions:
NASA missions link.
NASA link of mission patch designs.

Science of Healthy Behaviors
How can we study behavior?

Phenology resources:
Use these websites to learn about what is happening in MN right now!
MN Climatologist Mark Seeley's blog about MN weather and climate!  Search by date!
Every Friday morning on public radio program called "Morning Edition," Mark Seeley talks about weather, climate, and phenology around
    6:50 a.m..  You can search by past Friday dates to here what he had to say about  that week! 
 Vocabulary Resources:
High and Low Temperature Data (for Phenology week assignment). 
Directions: Click on 1. "daily climate report," then 2. "Minneapolis/St. Paul," then 3. "Archived data" and the days you need, then 4. click the button to view.  To find the temperatures, look for "maximum" and "minumum" temperatures.  Repeat this for each day of your assigned week!

MN Conservation Volunteer Magazine
This is a great resource if you are interested in the outdoors of MN!
Birding resources

Insects!  Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of several insect species!