Business and Sports Marketing

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Syllabus Business and Sports Marketing



Business and Sports Marketing

Instructor: Renae Carlson

Room: 3374

Phone: 763-497-2192 ext. 8374





Welcome to Business and Sports Marketing! This class will introduce you to many general marketing concepts that will come in handy both in the business world and everyday life. You will have the opportunity to try your hand at marketing.

Learner Targets:

A.      Marketing Concepts
A1. I can define marketing.
A2. I can describe types of products.
A3. I can identify market and market share.
A4. I can list the 4 P's of marketing.
A5. I can distinguish mass marketing from target marketing.
A6. I can develop customer profile based on demographics, geographics and psychographics.
A7. I can identify customer profile.
A8. I can develop a target market plan.
A9. I can identify the market mix.
A10. I can define product positioning.

B.      Market Research
B1. I can define market research.
B2. I can distinguish between qualitative and quantitative research.
B3. I can list the research process.
B4. I can summarize secondary and primary research.

C.      Product Development
C1. I can define product planning.
C2. I can identify product mix strategies.
C3. I can identify product lines by width and depth.
C4. I can list new product development steps.
C5. I can classify product life cycle stages.

D.      Brands and Licensing
E1. I can explain the concepts of branding and brand equity.
E2. I can discuss the types of brands.
E3. I can discuss product licensing and how licensed goods are merchandised.
A4. I can explain the importance of sports sponsorships and endorsements.

E.       Personal Selling
F1. I can develop a sales plan.
F2. I can initiate the sale.
F3. I can present the product.
F4. I can close the sale.



Required Materials:

*     A pen or pencil

*     A class folder

*     Spiral notebook



Computer Lab Rules:

*     No food or beverages. Any food or beverages (including water) will be discarded.

*     If the Internet Block is applied, bypassing the block will result in disciplinary action.

*     You must work at your assigned computer.

*     Do not change computer settings.

*     Report any computer problems or vandalism at the start of class so you are not held responsible.

*     Email, social network sites, computer games, music downloads and unauthorized web surfing are not allowed.

*     Log off your computer before you leave


Course/Job Expectations:

*      Appropriate business office behavior is expected in this class. 

*      Cell phones may not be used in class.

*      Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings and remain in your seat until you are dismissed.

*      Books must be put neatly away.

*      Bring materials to class.

*      Participate in learning activities.

*      Treat others with respect.

*      Gather your materials from classroom folder in the blue basket if you miss a class.

*      Do not log onto the computers without the instructor’s permission.

*      Take care of your personal needs during the passing time between classes.


Vandalism and Cheating

Ø  Students are not to deface school property.

Ø  Students who have been determined to have plagiarized or cheated will receive a zero for the assignment and will be asked to call their parents.

Ø  All incidences of vandalism and cheating will be reported to the school administration.


Late Work:

In the business world late work is frowned upon and often unaccepted. The same rule applies to this class. Late work will only be accepted as per your student handbook. It is your responsibility to get the work in if you have missed class.

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