Art with Mrs. A

My Schedule:   2013-2014


    Period 1:  8:30-8:55         KORT  
    Period 2:  9:00-9:52      
 6th Grade Responsive Hour - Art Around the World
  • An introduction to the folk arts of other cultures. Student will be examining the defining characteristics, participate in directed discussion, independent research and create comparative cultural folk art activities.
    Period 3:  9:56-10:41     
5th Grade Responsive: 
Trimester 1 & 2 Meet the Artist
Trimester 3 More Than Art
  • Meet the Artist: Trimester 1 & 2

         A fun filled adventure into the lives and art of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Romare Bearden, Henri Rousseau, Andy Warhol and Grant Wood. Student will listen to stories, look at their artworks and discover the techniques as they create their own masterpieces.

  • More Than Art:  NEW Trimester 3
This responsive hour class will allow students to combine Writing, Math and Art Together. Each Art lesson will have either a writing assignment or a math lesson to engage the students in higher level thinking skills. Art topics like painting, collage, sculpture and drawing will compliment writing topics like descriptive,
narrative and persuasive writing.

While math concepts included will be numbers & operations, geometry,

 problem solving and measurement.

    Period 4:  11:24-12:16    6th Grade General Art
            Day 1 - Prep
            Day 2 - Prep
            Day 3 - Class

    Period 5:  12:20-1:12      6th Grade General Art
            Day 1 - Class
            Day 2 - Class
            Day 3 - Class

    Period 6:  1:16-2:08        6th Grade General Art
            Day 1 - Class
            Day 2 - Class
            Day 3 - Prep

    Period 7:  2:12-3:05        6th Grade General Art
            Day 1 - Class
            Day 2 - Class
            Day 3 - Class
*Please remember that all general art classes are on a 3 day rotation
with PE and Keyboarding

                    All General 6th grade Art Classes will be studying the:
  •  Elements of Art  (line, shape, form, space, color, value, textureand
  •  Principles of Art (rhythm, pattern, movement, balance, emphasis, harmony, variety, and unity).

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