Human Environment Interaction

                Panama's climate affects a lot about what people wear. Panama's average temperatures range form about 66 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live by the mountains then you will most likely be in the lower part of these temperatures and if you live away from the mountains then you will most likely be in the higher part of these temperatures. People that live on the Atlantic side of Panama get about 150 inches of rain each year. People on the Pacific side get about 68 inches each year. People in Panama probably wear shorts and a t-shirt most days.

                   People in Panama have changed the environment. One way is the Gatun Lake. The Gatun Lake was created by building of the Gatun Dam. Another is the building of Panama city. The building of Panama City caused many animals to leave and trees to cut down. People in Panama have made changes to its environment. 


This is the Gatun Lake.                                                             This is Panama City.