Welcome to 7th Grade Language Arts!

Greetings, students and parents! Feel free to check around the links on my website to explore all that 7th grade Language Arts has to offer. 

New in the 2014-2015 school year at both middle schools in our district is that students are able to bring their own devices (BYOD) as a part of the Project Phoenix program in grades 7 and 8. Students cannot use their devices in my classroom until they've earned their Digital Driver's License in their US History class during the first week of school.

Schoology Access Codes
 2nd LA7
3rd LA7
4th LA7
5th LA7
Speaking of changes, another biggie is that 7th and 8th grade teachers will be phasing out our Google Sites and switching to Schoology, which is kind of similar to Facebook--but for school. More info will come once school starts. 

In order to access assignment due dates and copies of assignments, you will need to sign up for Schoology and enter the access code for your class period only. This only needs to be done once per school year. After that, you'll simply go to Schoology to see the assignments. 

PARENTS: Click here to learn how to sign up for your own Schoology account.
Our curriculum consists of the 2010 edition of Prentice Hall Literature. In addition to the textbook curriculum, we'll also be reading S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders, as well as two additional novels read in literature circles. 

If you have any questions or concerns as the year goes on, please let me know. I'm here to help you SUCCEED! I'm looking forward to continuing our GREAT, productive, learning-filled year!

~Mrs. Kelm

**PLEASE NOTE: This website is updated at least weekly (or more often, if needed). 

Our Course:

Course Essential Questions:
    • Reading and Literature: How do we become better readers? What is the value in reading different types of literature?
    • Writing: How do we become better writers?
    • Speaking, Listening, and Viewing: How do we become better communicators? Why should we think critically about the media we use in our everyday lives?
    Our Online Textbook:

    Our Current Read Aloud: