This is a brief overview of some of the concepts I teach during the year.
  • Kindergarten will learn basic colors, numbers 1-10, seasons, and farm animals.
  • 1st grade will learn additional colors, basic clothing, words, and zoo animals.
  • 2nd grade will be introduced to simple school vocabulary, numbers 0-20, shapes, and body parts.
  • 3rd grade will learn days, months, family vocabulary, and transportation.
  • 4th grade will be introduced to a variety of greetings and farewells, additional numbers, the Spanish alphabet, and nature vocabulary.
  • 5th grade will learn basic introductory dialogues, additional vocabulary with the dates, seasons, map directions, and weather statements (past, present, and future), simple sentences with "I like...".
  • 6th grade will learn more vocabulary with introductions, identify areas and objects of the house, additional clothing vocabulary with accessories, additional prepositions, possesssive adjectives, and composition of sentences with simple descriptive adjectives.
  • 7th grade will learn more numbers, review the Spanish alphabet, learn an extensive food vocabulary, be introduced to several Spanish verbs, and learn how to order in a restaurant, and know the locations of Spanish-speaking countries with their capitals.
  • 8th grade will be introduced to hotel/store/travel vocabulary, places and professions of a community, extended family vocabulary, verb conjugation, time vocabulary, present progressive tense, uses of "ir" (to go), reading/translation of simple narratives.
  • Please contact me if you have any questions or need extra help and we will schedule a time that works for both of us.

8th grade -Day of the Dead Reports

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