Thank you for offering to Donate or Participate in the Walk. Look below for instructions


  1. Visit

  2. On the Search for a Participant page, go down to the search box.  You can select to sponsor a single Participant or a Team.  To search for a Participant, enter their name and click the search icon (magnifying glass).    If you enter St. Charles - Burlington in the School Name: field and click the search icon, you'll get a list of all Participants and Teams at St. Charles!

  3. Scroll down to review the list of Participants/Teams below the search box to find who you wish to sponsor.  When you find them, click their name to open their Personal Page

  4. From the Personal Page, click on their Support button to make a donation!


  1. Visit

  2. Scroll down the page until you find St. Charles - Burlington, then click

  3. On the St. Charles - Burlington team page, click the Join Team link to join the team.

  4. On the Participant Page, follow the instructions to sign yourself up.  Thank you for joining our Team!