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The technology committee welcomes anyone to join us, please check out the monthly calendar for meeting dates and times. The committee works closely with the school principal, school staff and parish leadership to bring the school up to date with the newest technology fiscally available. The committee will assist in the planning and maintenance of the computer lab and the technical needs of the school teachers.

The Burlington Public Library is on the Web!  The website has access to the Library's collections and resources.

Do you have any old cell phones, ink cartridges, or ink toners? Do you  want to dispose of them properly and help the environment at the same time? Bring them to Saint Charles School. We accept them any time.

Interested companies can register online at Funding Factory  or call 1-888-883-8237. Our ID number is #8115

Any questions, please call Terri Lancour at 763-2848 or e-mail