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Dr. Seuss Week
The first grade is celebrating Dr. Seuss week. Check out this awesome decoration! 

Meet Your Teachers
We are excited to be teaching first grade!
The first grade team works together to start your children on their journey of academic progress. Engaging and challenging activities provide the framework for our day.

Jenny Prusko has taught at Windlake for the past eight years. She loves to teach writing and also teaches first grade Booster Club starting in January. 

Shal Peterson has taught at Windlake for 15 years. This is her sixth year in first grade. Her favorite parts of the day are teaching math and listening to excited young readers. After school, she coaches the 4th & 5th grade boys' America SCORES writing team.

Susan Clingman has taught first grade at Windlake for 16 years and continues to love teaching six year old students to read. Along with Mrs. Martinez she works with children after school in music club activities.