We are proud to publish shows and videos by confirmed performances at ecopalooza 2012 - enjoy!

Live Stage - UPTOWN


Fabian Mark Peter

Azren Azimuddin and Nikki Law (tribal fusion belly dancer) 

Nazim Ifran

Underraging Sea

The Liberated

Mohd Jayzuan and friends

(including Riduan A.dullah, Seyn, Shima Scarlett, Yaya, Bay Mushawwir, Feaz, Sefa, Adi Robai & Cookie Jar)

Wani Ardy

The Hollows

Nabel & Ardiv

Heart A-Tack

Drum X line

Jungle Jam Session - UPTOWN

starting with ecopalooza anthem:

Club Night @ DOWNTOWN

DJs Denis 'Duster' & Lawrence Graham

DJ French Chris