Screenshoter is a background application that allow to share screenshots on the fly.

One may share a screenshot with:

  • an email receipient, often to prove something (an ebanking payment, an IM, an error message, etc..);
  • an IM contact, for live assistance (remote screen sharing). The screenshot pop-ups through the default png image viewer, and may be sent both ways. This particularly useful when screen sharing applications don't work, or the overhead (time delay or setup time) is too big. It might also be used to 'spy' on friends (with their consent).

More screenshots.

The screenshot on the right show an ebanking screenshot being sent (and accepted) as a proof of payment.

The other one shows the request of screenshots as proofs of a bug report.

Once the application is running (have it run at startup) a click of shift+ctrl+2 (or shift+apple+2) will take the screenshot and show a main window prompting to send by email, or to a connected contact. For more details click here.