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Paint Puzzle
Do you think you can put together this puzzle?
Take up the Impossible Puzzle Challenge.

What is it?
A puzzle with no corners or straight edges to guide you (but the patterns are repeated) so that only determination will get it completed!

Who's it for?
      • those who are looking for a new landmark of achievement to decorate their room with;
  • motivated and persistent or/and fast at pattern-matching people;
  • new teams use it as a team-work game to see how well they work together on a challenging task. At the end it will serve as a memorable reminder of their achievement as a team.
WARNING: Children playing with this puzzle can seriously improve their pattern-matching skills and lead to higher achievement in maths.

About 1,000 pieces.

لغز غير ممكن. فلا توجد أركان او حواف هادية وبالإضافة لذلك فإن الأنماط متكررة ولذلك لن يحل هذا اللغز سوى العزم والإصرار!

القطع حوالي 1000 قطعة.

هدية مناسبة لمن يظن نفسه عبقري الزمان!