Turnitin.com- Secondary


TurnItIn is a service that checks student work against published work online and other papers that have been turned in to TurnItIn before. The service also allows teachers access to grading features, rubrics, and peer review opportunities.

Secondary teachers now have two options for utilizing Turnitin.com's plagiarism services.

  1. Traditional Website: Teachers can use their accounts on the turnitin.com website just as they have in the past. If a teacher is creating an account for the first time, he/she will need to get the school code and password from his/her principal or AP of Curriculum. Instructions for creating a Teacher Account on the WEBSITE can be found here.
  2. Haiku Integration*: Teachers can now create a TurnItIn Content Block on Haiku and require that rostered students submit their papers through the Content Block. Once a teacher creates his/her first Tii assignment in Haiku, Tii will automatically create an account on the turnitin.com website for that teacher. The teacher can then access the website for statistics, etc.  Please note: Teachers should logon with their Saddleport username@svusd.org (for instance Amy Smith will use the email: smitha@svusd.org). Teachers may need to select the RESET PASSWORD option to create a password for the account. See below for documentation and video tutorials about how to use TurnItIn through Haiku.
*Please Note: Students must be rostered in the teacher's Haiku page in order to access a Haiku assignment. See this video for a quick tutorial on how to roster your students in a Haiku class.

Haiku and TurnItIn

Preliminary Work:
Students must be rostered to a teacher's Haiku site in order to submit papers into the TurnItIn Content Block.
Teacher Manual (pdf)
Student Manual (pdf)

Create a TurnItIn Content Block Assignment in Haiku (4 min):

Haiku: Creating a TurnItIn Activity Assignment

Student View for Submitting a TurnItIn Assignment Using Haiku (2 min):

Haiku: Student View TurnItIn Assignment Submission

Teacher View Accessing Submitted Assignments Using Haiku (3 min):

Teacher View