Welcome to Emotional Wellbeing Resources
Below are a links to agencies that can help you manage and overcome a number emotional well-being challenges that you may currently be experiencing.

If you cannot find the help you require in the links below then you can

 always go to your Year office and have a chat about the next steps.


Feeling the need to be listened 

to? Want to talk to someone

not connected with school?

Want to book an appointment

with the

 School Counsellor


Mindfulness – a fantastic way to improve your emotional wellbeing.
Mr Challis says:  “If you want to find out more about mindfulness you can ask me or read the information on the website link below. However, the best thing to do is probably just to have a go at listening to one of the guided meditations and seeing how it makes you feel. If you’d like to attend a mindfulness session or a course after school just ask me.”



Its specially-trained young volunteers design and deliver community programs to help their peers address cyberbullying


An organisation designed to give advice on: self-harming, low mood and mild depression, anxiety and low self esteem (what you think about yourself)



A fantastic organisation with lots of help and advice on offer. Specifically focuses around child abuse and prevention.


An online counselling service. Great when you don’t want to talk face to face.



Get support if something is making you feel scared or anxious



You can text the school nurse anonymously with questions regarding your health. No need to be embarrassed!  


Equip young people with the skills to tackle bullying across the UK.


Advice about how to stay safe on line.


Great pop in centres if you enjoy talking to a real person.



Cyber bullying can occur during online gaming. Most games have a report function. Reporting this action is the only way these players will be removed from games.