Welcome to Geometry!

About Me

My name is Ms. Kliban. I will be your geometry teacher for this term. Teaching is my fourth career.

  • My first career, I drove across the country for nine years as a truck driver. I estimate that in that time, I drove approximately a million and a half miles. I’ve been to every state in the continental United States, as well as to Toronto (in Canada)... during a blizzard.

  • My second career was two-fold. Because I didn't want to take out a lot of student loans while I was attending college, I chose to work while I was getting my degree in Informatics. What made it really nice, was the fact that the school offered reduced tuition to full-time employees!

  • My third career was to provide technical support for a major company here in the valley. I helped people fix their broken websites and emails both on the phone and via email.

  • My fourth career is as your teacher. I went back to college and received my Master’s degree in Education in December 2013. Since then, I have been a math teacher.

I've come to realize that I probably should have gotten my first degree in education because I absolutely LOVE being a teacher. It’s such a gratifying experience to help people to figure out what they are doing and why it’s so important. It’s even more awesome when someone tells me that they finally understand something that they have been struggling with forever.

Towards the end of my journey to receive my bachelor’s degree, I met my husband in August 2005. We happily live with our two miniature pinscher dogs. The picture above is one of them. Her name is Layla.

Class Expectations

Teacher Expectations

  • Work consistently - complete one lesson per day or five lessons per week

  • Have active communication with me - I will be sending messages occasionally. I expect you to read them and when necessary, respond to them.

  • Read weekly Announcements

  • Read all Emails and Messages

  • Daily presence in the Discussion Board

  • Attend weekly Synchronous Sessions or complete the Asynchronous Assignments

  • One-on-one help by appointment

  • Need Help? Advocate for yourself. I am here to help you succeed, but I won't know that you need help unless you tell me

  • Technical Issues? Call Tech Support. (480) 456-6678, option 5

  • Help you to be successful

  • Grade assignments according to the rubrics (so that I am fair to all students)

  • Provide you the opportunity to resubmit assignments for a better grade

  • Be available for questions and concerns via email, message center, text, and phone during office hours (see below for times)

  • Communicate with you via email, message center, text and/or phone .

  • Hold weekly live sessions for additional support for particularly difficult lessons/concepts

  • Provide the course syllabus with information about the course (see announcements in the course player)

  • Expect great things from you and help you to reach greatness

  • If I don't know the answer, I will research it for you and get back to you with the answer

  • Provide lesson/course expectations

  • Help you to be better in math

  • Be compassionate and understanding of your situation, your difficulties, and your complexities

Contact Me

Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm (except holidays)

Phone: 480.568.0263

Text: 480.568.0263

Email: Rose.Kliban@primaveratech.org