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Dear parents / guardian:

    It gives me great pleasure to have your child as a student in my Spanish class. This letter is to inform you about the class specific requirements your child will need to fulfill as a student in my course.

    Many students at Lakeland Senior High School elect to complete two levels of Spanish in order to be able to attend a four year college/university. In my courses I expect my students to be serious about every aspect of the language and culture. I strongly believe that students need to be exposed to 5 main points: speaking, writing, reading, listening and understanding the history and/or culture of Spanish speaking countries. All of the points listed above are going to be tested throughout the year in different ways.  I enjoy following the textbook for guidance but I also incorporate other activities such as projects, games, dialogues, skits and a few other things. I do offer extra credit during the year but I will not offer it just because a student requests it.

     Attending class is key and mandatory to success. Students should make every effort to be in class each day.  I see them for 50 minutes every day and for most, this is the only Spanish they will ever see, read or hear during the day. I will send home a Syllabus the first day of school which I want you and your child read, discuss and sign. I ask that the student returns the form to me the next day. In these syllabus I will explain what is expected from the student each day. It will explain how attendance, grades and problems will be handled in the classroom. The student’s success in the course depends not only on their grades on tests and quizzes but also on participation which includes attendance, not being tardy, preparedness and organization.

       I look forward to an exciting year with a room full of students that will learn to love Spanish as much as I love it!


 Señora Vázquez

Sra. Vazquez


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