Welcome to Sra. Rodríguez Spanish Class!

Meet Your Teacher


Bienvenidos Estudiantes y Padres!  Welcome Students and Parents!

I am delighted to have you in my Spanish class here at Lakeland Highlands Middle School. You are enrolled in a class that comes with high expectations and continuous assessment which requires a good deal of effort. Every day we will spend time perfecting the four skills necessary for learning a foreign language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Since learning a foreign language is a new skill for you, you should expect to work hard in this class; you should be prepared to study on your own as well as complete the daily classwork and weekly homework.  

Every student must participate in class every day and must learn the vocabulary and grammar each night to prepare for the next day’s class. Since the material we study is cumulative, do not let yourself get behind!  Every day in class you will be required to repeat things in Spanish, not English.  It is important to stay in the target language throughout each class.

I assign homework almost on a weekly basis; and if they want a good grade, they will need to complete it and submit it on time.

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