Welcome to 6th grade science.
You can find assignments at the assignment page or download the assignment at the download assignment page and science fair info at the Science Fair page, the book that we will use can also be found but we will not use the book until the middle of Sept or so.


Science Classroom Procedures

Mr. Sitta


First & Last Name                                                       Assignment #



Assignment Name

1)      When doing work for Mr. Sitta please head your paper as shown above.

2)      Be prepared to begin working when you walk in the door. Copy all assignments into your agenda.  Turn in your homework in the box labeled for your class period. Sharpen your pencil. 

3)      Show work neatly on all assignments. No work, no credit.

4)      Turn work in on time in the box labeled for your class period. Late work will not be accepted.

5)      Head your paper, papers turned in without a name will be given a lower grade.

6)      Make-up work is your responsibility and must be completed as soon as possible.

All make-up quizzes/ test must be taken no later then the second class following the date missed 

7)  All work should be done in pencil unless other directions are given.

8)  Your LHMS Agenda should be filled out with all assignments daily,  your agenda should be signed by your parent daily.

9)      Inquire about grades, absences, etc. before or after school or during independent work time . Do not interrupt a lesson to do so.

10)  Arrange for extra help before or after school. Make sure I know when to expect you.

Website The Lakeland Highlands school website contains a great deal of valuable information.  All accelerated academic teachers will have a website that is linked directly to the school website.  Our teacher sites will include homework assignments, project information, contact information, and much more.  It will be a great way to answer questions you may have at your convenience.  

LHMS website:  http://schools.polk-fl.net/LHMS/default.htm


Parent Portal Parents can now access their student’s information from any computer with an internet connection. The MyPolkSchools Parent Portal allows parents to check current grades, obtain immunization status, learn if their child had any recorded discipline or attendance issues throughout the day, check their child’s current lunch account balance, and even see what their child purchased in the lunchroom – all before their child comes home from school. 

                                Classroom Expectations

All Polk County and Lakeland Highlands Middle School policies will be enforced.

In addition, students are expected to:

1.  Raise hand to speak, speak at appropriate times.

2.  Stay in your seat, on task.

3.  Keep hands, feet, objects and remarks to themselves.

4.  Leave gum, food, candy, toys, magazines, comics, etc. at home.

5.  Come to class prepared.

6.  Stop and think safety first.

7.  Use the bathroom between classes.


Consequences                                             Tardies

1) Verbal warning                                             1st infraction warning  

2) Student/ Parent Contact                            2nd infraction , Parent Contact

3) Parent Contact /Written Detention         3rd infraction Parent Contact /Written Detention                                  

 4) Discipline Referral                                      4th infraction Discipline Referral