Dear SWMS Family,

Welcome back!  My name is Jodi R. Swartz, and I teach 8th Grade Intensive Reading.  I look forward to working closely with each family to guide our students in reaching their full potential.

My policies and procedures are geared toward preparing our students for high school.  I have high standards and expectations that every student will strive to meet.  Reading and comprehension are foundations for success in life.  I expect that we will work as a team to help our students be prepared for their futures.  The following are my expectations:

  • ·         Every student will strive for 80% mastery. 
  •      Students will be given a chance to improve on scores below 80% within two days of the assignment. 
  •      Also, missing work will only be accepted up to two days late, unless absent.
  •      Students will come to class on time and prepared with paper, pencil, and ear buds to be used during computer time.
  •      Students will be expected to be respectful, courteous toward others, and responsible for their own actions.
  •       I will be contacting parents either by phone or letter throughout the year to discuss student progress.

We will be using The Voyager Program.  Eighth grade is called Journeys II.  It includes a variety of reading passages and activities, as well as a technology component which students will be able to access from home.

  • ·         The website is www.edplicity.com and the student log-in will be as follows:

        Username: polk.(student id#)

        Password: (student id#)

  • ·         Students can access the textbook and workbook activities, as well as activities that focus on phonetics, vocabulary, and comprehension. 
  •      There is also an online library and book cart for more reading options. 
  •             Students will be working collaboratively in small groups, whole group, and one-on-one with me. 

Please do your best to keep me informed and I will do my best to keep you informed.  If you need to contact me:

  • ·         Call the school during normal school hours at 863-499-2840. 
  • ·         After school hours call 614-226-1136. 
  • ·         Email me at Jodi.swartz@polk-fl.net
  • ·         I am also signed up for REMIND.  See the attachment for more information on how to receive reminders about important events and due dates.
  • ·         For further information on my class, standards and topics covered, homework help, etc., please access my school website by going to the Southwest Middle School website (http://schools.polk-fl.net/swms) and clicking on the faculty link.  Under Reading you will find my name with a website link.


I look forward to working closely with your family for a successful year!




Jodi R. Swartz


Southwest Middle School