Mrs. Donker's Science Classes

For student log in for textbooks- go to
To log in- student username- donkerstudent
   Password- password7

Science Fair Resource Site- Click here

Set Up of Science Fair Log Book- Only write in black ink!!!

1.   Number each page in the lower bottom corner of the page. Number the front starting with 1 and flip to the back for 2, front on the next with 3 and flip to the back for 4, and so forth…

2.  Put your first and last name on the front page in the middle of the page.

3.  On page 3- Title Table of Contents and list the headers: Red means we have already completed and should be in log book.

Planning Calendar       Page 5 *This should be pasted in book

Project Ideas                 Page 7 * Five questions turned in for approval

Background Research         Page 11 * 10 resources/notes- one/two not internet

Daily Journal                         Page 51 diary what you do during experiment

Problem and Hypothesis    Page 81 * Problem (Question) and Hypothesis listed

Variables, Constants and Controls   Page 85 all should be entered

Materials and Procedures          Page 89 List materials/number procedures

Data                                       Page 109 Enter measurements/graphs

Results and Interpretation         Page 125

Conclusion                            Page 145

Presentation Preparation   Page 169


Mrs. Donker