Mrs. Donker's Science Classes

For student log in for textbooks- go to
To log in- student username- donkerstudent
   Password- password7

Science Fair Resource Site- Click here

Set Up of Science Fair Log Book- Only write in black ink!!!

1.   Number each page in the lower bottom corner of the page. Number the front starting with 1 and flip to the back for 2, front on the next with 3 and flip to the back for 4, and so forth…

2.  Put your first and last name on the front page in the middle of the page.

3.  On page 3- Title Table of Contents and list the headers: Red means we have already completed and should be in log book.

Planning Calendar       Page 5 *This should be pasted in book

Project Ideas                 Page 7 * Five questions turned in for approval

Background Research         Page 11 * 10 resources/notes- one/two not internet

Daily Journal                         Page 51 

Problem and Hypothesis    Page 81 * Problem (Question) and Hypothesis listed

Variables, Constants and Controls   Page 85 

Materials and Procedures          Page 89

Data                                       Page 109

Results and Interpretation         Page 125

Conclusion                            Page 145

Presentation Preparation   Page 169


Mrs. Donker