Welcome to Mr. Nelson's Class!

Mr. Nelson's Math Class @ Mulberry Middle School

Here you will find the class syllabus, which contains the classroom rules and procedures for all classes, helpful information like homework help, Cornell Notes for students that have missed school and can make up those notes at home, grading policies, and the dates for Unit Tests and Quarterly Exams.

While this site is a great basic starting resource, for the most up to date information, make sure that you have an account with Class Messenger - a communication tool for both students and parents!  I will be using that to send notifications and reminders for homework, quizzes, tests, etc., and sometimes just to brag a little bit about how awesome students are doing!

You CAN Be Successful!

Math can be challenging; at some point, whether in middle school, high school, or college, everyone will hit that one class that is so much harder than all the rest have been.  You might get hit with grades that you've never seen before, but if you persevere, if you work hard enough, you can overcome that challenge and both end that year well, and grow as a person because of it!

If you find yourself struggling with the math THIS year - DO your homework, even if you don't "get it", ask questions in class, and get help outside of the classroom.  That might be seeing me before school for 5 minutes, it might be staying after school for tutoring, or asking a family member or friend to help you get through that material.  Remember that NOBODY can make you learn but YOU.  If you want to enough, you CAN and WILL accomplish your goals!