Welcome Page

Welcome to 7th Grade Reading and what I hope will be a fun and exciting year.  Below you will find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. If you should have any questions at any time please e-mail me at carrie.mangels@polk-fl.net This is the best form of contact.
1. Do students have homework for your class and how often do they have it?
    Students are expected to read 30 minutes every night.
2. What supplies will students need for your class?
 - Pencils/Pens
-Hand held sharpener or Mechanical Lead
- Loose Leaf Notebook Paper
3. How can I keep track of my student's grades?
     - All students receive Interim Reports every two weeks.
     - Parents can also sign up for Parent Portal. This website allows you to check your student's library obligations, lunch money, discipline records, and grades.
     - Students can check their own progress through Student Portal.
4. Do you offer extra credit?
       -NO. If the students have completed all of their assignments and submitted them on time there should be no reason that they need extra credit.
5. Can students turn in assignments late?
    - NO. It is simply unfair to students who follow the time table given. If situations happen that prevent the assignment from being submitted on time a note will need to be submitted and cases will be handled on an individual basis.
6. My student is going to be absent and I don't want them to fall behind how do I request make-up work for them?
    - If you know ahead of time that your student is going to be out of school for 3 days or more you can call Guidance at 863-701-1069 to request the missing work. Guidance will then send out a request for all teachers to send the make-up work for that student. Once the work has been collected you may come to the school to pick up the missing work.
      - If you know ahead of time that your student is going to be out of school for just a day the student may ask for work ahead of time. If the work is ready the student will be given the work. If the work is not ready the student will receive the work when the student returns to school or the student will be excused from the work.
7. What if I have a concern about my student's progress in your class?
    - The best way to get in contact with me is through e-mail (carrie.mangels@polk-fl.net).
    - You may also call the school at 863-701-1066 and leave a message with the secretary and I will call you back.
    - You may also call guidance at 863-701-1069 to schedule a parent/team meeting where you can meet with all of your student's teachers at one time.
Helpful Websites:
Reading Website
 Teenbiz 3000