Mrs. Mary Mullahy

Technology/ Engineering Teacher

Grades 5 - 8

School Phone (978) 779 - 2821 x 5065


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Mary Mullahy

Technology/Engineering Teacher

Florence Sawyer School

8th grade class advisor

Minuteman Outreach Teacher

Curriculum and General Information: Technology/Engineering here at Sawyer School is taught as recommended by the Massachusetts Dept. of Education Frameworks with an emphasis on problem solving and engineering skills required to design and prototype devices in response to a particular need. Although various aspects of technology are taught in the elementary classroom, Technology/Engineering becomes a stand alone class for students beginning in the fifth grade. Close integration of the science and technology/engineering curricula is spelled out in the Mass. Frameworks.  Here at Sawyer, we make every effort to link the two disciplines and provide technology education classes to students beginning in grade 5.  Whenever possible, connections are made from science,mathematics, and ELA to the technology/engineering classroom.  Specifically, we are exposing students to many areas of technology through the engineering design process and creative problem solving techniques.  Most activities are designed to be self paced learning activities and address the wide range of learning styles present in the classroom.  Cooperative learning groups and tiered assignments allow us to reach a wide range of students in the hands on laboratory environment of  Technology/engineering lab. 

 The areas of technology covered during 6th thru 8th grade include:         

 Robotics and automation          

 Microelectronics and digital circuits         


 Energy transfer - catapults         

Construction technology – bridges and structures         

 Electricity and electronics         

 Hot Air balloons         

Flight and rocketry         

 Solar power         

Wind Power         


Classroom expectations and Assessment

As technology education is very much a “hands-on” class, participation in class and effective use of classroom time is a must.  Students will be assessed on the items they complete in the classroom setting. Specifically each project will have a set of design criteria that must be met and a final product to be produced.  Often students will present their products orally to the class or compete in a race or other competition as a culminating activity.  Assignment of homework will be limited to supplemental work or to work not completed during the allotted class time, as the majority of assignments require the equipment in the classroom for completion.  The classroom is designed to optimize the use of cooperative learning groups.  Students will be assessed on their ability to work cooperatively and effectively with many different team members.  Students are encouraged to return to the TechEd room during their tutorial and enrichment periods or before or after school to make up any work they have missed as a result of absences.   


Additional Information

The Technology/Engineering program is supported by Minuteman Regional Technical High School.  Because of this connection, I have access to a wide array of experts in many areas of technology and an equally wide range of technology related equipment.  I meet on a regular basis with other Minuteman teachers that are working on technology/engineering programs at middle schools throughout the area.

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