Welcome to Mr. Zercie's Home Page.

I am a special education teacher here at the high school, teaching two blocks each of Prescriptive English and Prescriptive Math. The classes I teach are designed to allow students with disabilities to access high school-level curriculum at a pace that is more manageable and suited to their individual needs.

For the 2015-2016 school year, my schedule is as follows:

A period--prep (room 207)
B period--Prescriptive English (room 262)
C period--Prescriptive Math (room 209)
D period--Prescriptive English (room 209)
E period--prep (room 207)
F period--Prescriptive Math (room 215)
G period--Study Skills (room 219)

The best way to contact me is via email:


I can also be reached via phone by calling the phone number for the high school, and entering my 4-digit code: 4207.

Lastly, I have a Twitter account: @MrZ_Nashoba. 

Under the Prescriptive English tab is information pertaining to my two Prescriptive English classes.

Under the Prescriptive Math tab is information about my two Prescriptive Math classes.

Under the tab titled, "Other Teacher Links," is a list of teacher web page links for students to access in case they have work they need to make up, or have a question about an assignment, or would simply like to contact a certain teacher about something.


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