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  • The Remind App!
    Hello Students,

    One of the things you can do to prepare for class is to download the Remind App. In class on our first day, we will be logging in so that everyone can get messages about class. It is available through your app store, or if you dont use a smartphone, you can use the Remind website to make an account. There are options for everyone.

    check the site out at: REMIND 

    See you soon!

    -Mr Ellis

    P.S. Attached to this post are the PDFs I displayed in class. So if you are having trouble with the Remind App, here is the info and some other options for you to try out. Just make sure you sign up for the right class.
    Posted Sep 3, 2015, 5:45 AM by nellis@nrsd.net
  • Digital Textbook
    Should you lose your book (it does happen), there is an online textbook you can and should access in the mean time. Here is the link and password to access it. Digital Age FTW!

    PW: welcome1 (lower case)


    -Mr. Ellis
    Posted Aug 31, 2015, 8:20 AM by nellis@nrsd.net
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Recommended Reading:

    Not all history is written like a textbook. The list below (that I will try to keep updated) features a variety of different authors, with different voices, perspective and opinions on the past. All of these authors are what I would classify as "readable". By this I mean, that they write almost in a narrative; they tell us the story of the past as opposed to a more academic style of writing. These books are as engaging as any good piece of fiction (especially in the case of Erik Larson), so I encourage all of you to give one a shot! Feel free to ask me about the books, and which one might be a good fit for your interests.
David McCullough:
- John Adams
-The Great Bridge
-Brave Companions
-The Johnstown Flood
-The Path Between Seas

    McCullough focuses on "portraits" of people in the context of an event. 1776 focuses on George Washington, Nathaniel Greene, Henry Knox and more, through their private letters and correspondence. Meet the first president face to face and hear him deal with the immense pressures set up on him.

Howard Zinn:
-A Peoples History...
-You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train
-Graphic Novel: A Peoples History of American Empire

    Ahhh yes. Mr. Zinn. Zinn gets flak for his interpretation of American history, and his scholarship has been under fire by other academics. That is, of course, fair. Despite all that, Zinn starts a great conversation and his work is eye-opening to say the least. His autobiography is stunning, and you will understand why he takes his stance as one of the great Social Historians of our time. Want to start light? He has a great Graphic Novel too!

Erik Larson:
- The Devil in The White City
- Dead Wake
- In the Garden of the Beast
- Thunderstruck

    If someone didn't tell you it was history, you would think its fiction. An absolutely incredible account of the 1890's Columbia Exposition in Chicago, and America's first serial killer H.H. Holmes and his "murder castle". This book inspired the imagery and characters in the game Bioshock: Infinite. Who knew history could be this awesome?

Barbara Tuchman:
The Guns of August

    Tuchman's work is widely accepted as THE book on the Great War. She is an academic of unparalleled proportions and much of our modern understanding of that time period is partly credited to her.  Well.... at least in my opinion. ; )

Varian Fry:
Surrender on Demand

    An incredibly tense first hand account of living in occupied France, and subverting Nazi control of the region. Mr. Fry is tasked by the US government to assist in getting famous European artists, politicians and terrified citizen out of Europe, through overland routes, forged documents, messages in toothpaste tubes, secret meetings in bathrooms.... a nail biter.

Using Amazon:
    There are a number of free books by American Enlightenment thinkers, Founding Fathers, Historians and Authors of poetry, fiction and philosophy. Beyond that you will be able to find collections of letters, diaries, pamphlets, correspondence etc...

    Try Searching for:
  • John Adams
  • Abigail Adams
  • Rousseau
  • Kant
  • Thomas Hobbes
  • John Locke
  • Adam Smith
  • Thomas Jefferson

to name a few...