Nashoba HS Chapter of National Honor Society


*Meetings will be held in the back of the media center this year beginning at 2:30 PM and will end by 3:15 PM

Q1 hours (including all summer hours) are due for all grade levels: Thursday, 10/25  by 2:30

Q2 hours are due for all grade levels: Thursday, 1/17 by 2:30

Q3 hours are due for all grade levels: Thursday, 4/4 by 2:30

Q4 hours are due for SENIORS: Thursday, 4/11 by 2:30

Q4 hours are due for juniors: Friday, 5/24 by 2:30

Monday, 9/10

Tuesday, 10/9

Monday, 10/30

Wednesday, 11/14

Monday, 12/3

Tuesday, 1/8

Wednesday, 2/4

Wednesday, 3/13

Monday, 4/2

Tuesday, 4/30

Induction Ceremony starts at 7 PM Thursday, 5/23--please reserve this date so you can attend

Monday, 5/28 (rising seniors and new members)

Monday, 6/3 (rising seniors and new members)

Dues: ($20)

--Complete ONLINE PAYMENT on Nashoba Regional School District Website. Please follow the following steps.

  1. Go to

  2. Go to the Families tab

  3. Select Online Payment Center

  4. Click Login to NRSD Online Payment Center

  5. Go to “Student Activities”, and then “High School”

  6. Insert $20.00 for “Pay Amount”.

  7. For “Activity”, Insert NHS

  8. Then, insert your FULL NAME and phone number

  9. In the “Memo” section, please include NRHS/Notation for NHS

  10. Make sure to Add to Cart, and Check Out.

*Are you lost? If so, click here for a brief video walking you through the necessary steps!

If Online Payment Center is NOT working/possible for you, please complete the following.

--Check made out to Nashoba Regional High School /   Notation for NHS must be put in the NHS mailbox in the Main Office in a sealed envelope with your name and NHS DUES written on it

--Dues must be paid by: Monday, 10/1 (NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED)

Senior Projects:

1-2 page reflection on service completed during 2018-2019 school year; this can be a reflection on your individual project

--proper grammar and effective voice expected

--Reflection must be submitted by Thursday, 4/11 by 2:30 on Google Classroom

 Individual Projects:

--Google Form about your project must be submitted by Thursday, 9/13 at 2:30 PM

--SENIORS: Your project must be completed by Thursday, 4/11

--Juniors: Your project must be completed by Thursday, 6/16

--Proof requirements of project include but are not limited to 1) planning documents, 2) emails/letters with the organization you plan with, if there is one, 3) photos of the event/clean up/activity